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Drawing, Barbara Salvucci

Claudine Gil Gallery is an innovative contemporary art gallery present beyond the walls: online and in exclusive spaces specifically commissioned.

The gallery bases its program on partnership with selectively chosen female artists established in many different countries (USA, Switzerland, Italy, France, Colombia).

These artists create at the crossroads of cultures, nourishing diversity as much as the contemporaneity of the artistic essence of the gallery. Their chosen mediums are as varied as painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and photography. They all have a strong history of international solo and group shows in numerous museums (Jan van der Togt-Amsterdam, MACRO-Rome, MAC-Bogota) and have shown in famous art Biennales such as Venice (Italy), the Triennale of Bad Ragatz (Switzerland) in cooperation with renowned art curators (Lea Mattarella, Italy; Maria Elena Beneito, Argentina and Claudio Libero-Italy).

Their works are already held in several private and public collections in their home country and abroad and have been featured in the specialist press such as  Architectural Digest.

The focus of the gallery is to promote artists who have an authentic narrative and a unique artistic expression. We produce exhibitions exclusively in specific locations chosen by the artist themselves or in collaboration with public institutions. With this format rather than a traditional permanent on-site gallery or in the framed context of art fairs, the artist can occupy and use the space that best suits them to freely advance their personal artistic journey. I feel that for an artist’s emotional drive to be best appreciated they should be given such freedom so they can tell their own story themselves. This enables viewers to discover and enjoy artistic works that evoke a particular strength and provoke response.

Claudine Gil Gallery successfully organized six exhibitions between 2014 and 2019 in twice Paris and London, as well as in Amsterdam and Milan. The Gallery will continue to offer visitors and collectors an opportunity to personally discover these artists in major cities throughout Europe. Our website enables the curatorial experience to be prolonged as a virtual voyage into the heart of contemporary creation.

The name of the gallery pays homage to my mother, Claudine, an artist herself (painter and ceramist) who signed her pieces Gil. With her, I discovered the bold abstractions of Joan Mitchell, the audacious figurations of Jenny Saville and the mysterious expressions of Marlene Dumas to name a few of the artists who have strongly imposed their artistic contributions on the art world. Their achievements inspire the Claudine Gil Gallery in discovering the work of talented women, shining light on their artistic creations.  

Isabelle van Rolleghem

Manager of Claudine Gill Gallery -2019

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