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Laurel Holloman artist 2.jpg

Laurel Holloman is known for her vibrant use of color and large scale pieces (some of them, up to 4,5 m) often capturing stirring emotions with movement in a three dimensional effect. Her paintings evolve through repetitious bold brush strokes and lush, direct, resplendent colors.

Some pieces are blended to create dreamlike images, some flirt with landscape impression without ever truly giving over, others more recently created, are blurred out abstracts, slightly figurative only hinting at the themes animals and plants.Her work contains a spiritual component sometimes lacking in abstract works and the paintings have their own specific language. It would be too simple to refer to her as an abstract artist since there are elements of landscapes and symbolism throughout her work.


“I feel my paintings have a secret language born out of science and my obsessiveness with why and how we are here. I paint through abstraction with subtle hints of elemental imagery; the sky, water, fire, earth, a bird flying, cells reproducing or a celestial bed of stars. I am obsessed with metallics and textures and use playful brushstrokes that give paintings a third dimension and explore emotion.”

The artist earned her Bachelor of Arts at The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill majoring in performance art and visual art. She continued her studies at UCLA and the British American Drama Academy in London alternating between theatre and visual art. The artist lives and works in Los Angeles (U.S.A.).

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