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Priscilla Carpenter Witte is a Los Angeles based illustrator, painter, and muralist. Since she was a kid, she always had such a strong love for the arts. At 19 years old, after 2 years of dabbling in child psychology, she took a fateful summer trip to Southern California and never looked back. It was instant love! The California lifestyle and sunshine had a direct effect on her. With the new places to see, new friends, new experiences and new adventures she was living amongst, she immediately was fueled by the need to capture and create!

After producing a small collection of drawing works, she had her first show at a loft space in Venice which was a total success and a driving force for her to keep making art.

Little by little projects started coming her way. As people started recognizing her work, it became a snowball effect for more work!  Soon enough she was painting murals at some of the top restaurants and tech companies in Los Angeles, sent to NY to create custom kicks for vogue editors, and flown to Croatia to paint a mural as well as sketch pieces for the rooms of a boutique hotel.She traveled to Russia

to paint a lifeguard tower on the Black Sea, and was then flown to Italy to be the artist in residence for the Catalyst Art Retreat in Tuscany.

Next stop Bali, Indonesia to paint a home!

She also had the opportunity to work with some wonderful companies such as GT’s Kombucha, WeTransfer, Budlight, Redbull, Schwarzhopf, Keds, Ipsy, Nordstrom, Top Shop, Credit Karma, name a few.

“My style is simplistic, to the point, quirky, relatable, and most importantly ME!”, she muses.

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